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This is an awesome story and it’s also hysterical! The Wisconsin Humane Society attends to 40,000 animals each year and relies on donations to make all of that work possible. To make sure it reaches its goals, the organization launched a new fundraising campaign this year and I love it! 

For a $15 donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society, you get a drawn portrait of your dog/dogs. Most of the drawings look like a first grader made them. There are a few though that look like they were drawn by someone with some artistic abilities. The flood of requests got so big, the organization couldn’t keep up with them anymore. They had to stop accepting new submissions just one day.

The badly drawn portraits are hilarious! I was set to make a donation until I saw that the humane society folks were overwhelmed. This is something the Humane Society of Charlotte should do! I’d gladly give a donation for a badly drawn pic of Kramer and Mollie. Great to frame!

Here’s an example of some of the drawings. You can see more here. If you need a laugh, this will do it!