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Alice Pasqual/Unsplash

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve had a dessert that somehow incorporated Oreo cookies. It could have been a cake, a pie, a dirt cup, a donut, a shake, or one of those Oreo and Cool Whip no-bake things. In order to make any of those desserts, someone had to crush a bunch of Oreos. Well not anymore.

Nabisco has put Oreo Cookie Crumbles on store shelves to make life easier for home bakers. It’s essentially a bag of broken Oreos, minus the cream filling. Why the big deal? The crumbles used to only be available as a wholesale item and online. Now you can just toss them in your grocery cart and eat half in the car on your way home.

Bakers say the lack of cream filling makes the crumbles easier to work with. I’m wondering if Nabisco is actually crushing the cookies themselves, or if they’ve simply found a way to make money with the broken bits that get left behind in the Oreo machine. If it’s the latter, well done, Nabisco!