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Melany Myers

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A month or so ago, Phil Harris and I shared a story about a pizza restaurant in New York that was putting pictures of adoptable dogs on their pizza boxes. We thought it was a stellar idea! Well, now a Charlotte pizza shop is joining in to help animals find their forever homes. 

Lorenzo’s Pizzeria is now putting pictures of adoptable dogs on their pizza boxes. They hope to add cats, birds, horses and other animals to flyers soon. Denise Simonelli, the owner of the Lorenzo’s, said she noticed how many pets in Charlotte need a loving home. She chatted with her husband and they decided to help out.

The Simonelli’s say that they’ll give out over 500 boxes during a weekend, so they decided to put flyers on their boxes.  Each flyer has a picture of the adoptable dog and some info about the dog. They are hoping to work with numerous rescue groups soon to include other animals.

Both of my dogs, Kramer and Mollie, are rescues. IF I was allowed to have more animals in my apartment, I would. I have NO doubt that I am gonna be the crazy dog lady at some point.

Lorenzo’s Pizzeria will give a $25 gift card to anyone who adopts a pet featured on their boxes. They’re located at 16721 Orchard Stone Run, Charlotte, NC. And if you’re interested in adopting any of the pups on their boxes, you can contact CMPD Animal Care and Control. 

Total thumbs up for Lorenzo’s and for the Simonelli’s. Lorenzo’s is nowhere near me, but because of this, I’ll definitely go out of my way to do business with them. Besides, I LOVE some authentic NY style pizza.