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Henry Becker/Unsplash

When my oldest son, Sam, was in pre-school, he was obsessed with cars. If it had four wheels, it was for him. In fact, his first word was “car.” I’m not kidding. The movie Cars was released two months before his fifth birthday. Disney could not have timed that any better.

Sam would spend hours on the floor with his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. He would line them up in a very particular order that made sense only to him. Then the cars would drive around and occasionally have accidents, which Sam called “disasters.” But he would line them back up and restore order to his diecast world.

My now 18-year-old son doesn’t play with those little toy cars anymore. Sam drives a real one and, thankfully, has avoided any “disasters.” He’ll watch a race on TV or play a racing video game every once in a while. Mostly, he’s busy getting ready to graduate from high school and head off to college. But when I stumbled upon 3DBotMaker’s Diecast Racing League, I immediately flashed back to Sam’s pre-school years. He would have loved it.


The Diecast Racing League is a series of racing shows featuring 1:64 scale cars zipping across toy-sized courses that have been built with astounding attention to detail. It reminds me of the elaborate model railroad displayed every year at the Southern Christmas Show.

Below are four rounds of the Diecast Rally Championship. Each race includes dramatic music and sound effects, professional announcers, and network-quality graphics. 3DBotMaker truly made these videos as realistic as possible.

Want to see more? 3DBotMaker also produced a Ferrari Diecast Racing Tournament, Truck Series Tournament, and even a Hot Wheels Mario Kart Race.