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I am not great at saving money. I’m not even good at it. That’s why this article caught my attention. Although I am not fond of the word “hack” I still checked out this article, which tells ya it’s gotta be good!

TikTok user Krista Zahron, whose video has already racked up over a million likes, has come up with an awesome idea! Her idea can help you save over $5,000 in one year if you stick to her method.

First, you’ll want to buy 100 card-size envelopes, a shoebox-size card holder, a marker, and stickers. Then, you’ll use your marker to write a dollar amount on each envelope, going in order from $1 to $100 (depending on your budget, you can easily adjust these to be smaller or larger amounts). Once you’re done, stand all the envelopes upright in your box. Make a list tracking Week 1 through Week 50, leaving a blank box for you to check off after each week, and keep the list inside your box.

Every week, you’ll choose two envelopes at random from the box. Whatever the dollar amount reads on the envelope is the amount of cash you’ll put in. Once you’ve made your two weekly contributions, you’ll check off a week on your list. To keep yourself from cheating and grabbing cash before the year is up, which is what I would probably do, use your stickers to seal each envelope after depositing the money. After 50 weeks, all 100 envelopes should be filled with the dollar amount indicated, and if you use Krista’s amounts, it’ll add up to a total of $5,050.

You can also use this hack over the course of 25 weeks rather than the full 50. Rather than buying 100 envelopes, you’ll just buy 50, and you’ll mark each envelope in order from $1 to $50.

Check out the video below for more. I think I’m gonna give it a shot! I mean, I’m not saving now so anything I can do will be a bonus!  I’m hoping to take a rock cruise in 2021 so this will help me save cash for it!

Krista Zahron on TikTok

Krista Zahron(@kristazahron) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. easy way to save money! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage