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Jack Daniel

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We are living through an odd experience as a society right now. For those of us who lived through 9-11 there was a sense of dread that I had never felt before the terrorist attacks. What we are dealing with now is completely different in that no one is threatening to blow up buildings with planes, but just as before, our way of life is being threatened. Not just in our country, but around the globe.

As I’ve stated many times, if you’re still someone who thinks this is nothing, then please take precautions for those that are at higher risk. Staying away from large gatherings is the best way to keep this from spreading although some will have to be forced to do this and I’m afraid it will take a mandatory shutdown to keep some away.

It seems we have forgotten how to live unless it’s going 120 miles per hour. Slow down. We have homes and apartments and we never get to enjoy them. Maybe there’s a glass half full message here. If you’re allowed to work from home, embrace it, rediscover family and learn that you can live well without having to be at a bar or restaurant, club or some event. Hell, you’ll save money not eating out every night. Keep yourself from getting bored. Read, catch on your streaming favorites and play with your kids or grandkids if you’re able to.

This crisis will subside and life will become more normal and before you know it, we’ll all be going 120 miles an hour all over again. We will all be sad for the victims and their families, but life will go on. Earthquakes and floods, storms and mother nature will always test humankind. There will always be something to deal with and be concerned about. How we deal with it and what we learn from it will define us going forward. At some point in the future, we’ll be saying, “Remember that COVID-19 scare of 2020, man that was something”! It’s a chance to reset our priorities and recognize what is most precious. I urge everyone to find that “half full” glass if you can. Be safe, care for your family and those close to you. That really is what matters.