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This morning Phil Harris and I were chatting about things to do at home if you are ill or if you’ve decided to self-quarantine. As you know, I’m at home right now and I’m doing the morning show from my apartment. I was looking around my house last night for stuff to do and found a few adult coloring books that I had totally forgotten about. 

A few years ago while I was living in Columbia, S.C., I got sick and was home for about a week. A friend of mine brought over some adult coloring books and some crayons. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever! ADULT coloring books?? Then I looked at them; they were “swear word” coloring books. THAT made me laugh!

I decided to color in one of the books one afternoon and I gotta tell ya, it definitely eased my anxiety and took my mind off of being sick. I felt silly at first, but decided to go with it, and actually enjoyed myself. Crayons are great to color with but so are colored pencils and colored markers.

I realize the swear word coloring books aren’t for everyone. I have a potty mouth and a dark sense of humor, so I like them. There are all kinds of adult color books available now. Animals, flowers, intricate designs, and others. Some of the adult coloring books can be a bit pricey so if you’re not into spending $10 on some coloring sheets, you can always buy a kids coloring book and use that.

Here are a few grown up coloring books that you can check out. BE ADVISED…..some of these might be offensive to you as they include swear words. I think they’re hilarious, but I wanted to give ya a warning.  Just an option if you’re stuck at home due to the Coronavirus and need something mindless and fun to do. Stay safe!