Coronavirus Information Report

Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

Kids and their parents have been huddled up at home for less than a week but I’m already hearing cries for help from friends. One of my old college buddies texted: “Wife and kids have been off three whole days and are ready to kill each other. I never wanted to work so much in my life!”

This much non-vacation togetherness has been challenging for a lot of families. There are only so many game shows and reruns you can watch in a week. And I have to think those adult coloring books start to lose their appeal after the third page. According to most news reports, there’s still a long way to go before life gets back to anything resembling normalcy. Maybe it’s time to try something completely different.

How often do you visit an art museum or take in an opera? Over the next few weeks, you can do both from the quarantined comfort of your home:

  • The Louvre’s official website includes a few virtual exhibits and another site, YouVisit, has a 360-degree tour of the Paris museum.
  • The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has more than 2,400 works by Salvador Dalí for visitors to virtually explore.
  • The Guggenheim Museum in New York City offers a free virtual tour of all its galleries through Google’s Street View feature.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a series of YouTube videos that show its most famous buildings in a 360-degree format.
  • The Museum of Modern Art also offers one free virtual “walk-through” exhibit, plus select photos of its permanent artwork collections.
  • The Metropolitan Opera is streaming a performance at 7:30pm EST every night they’re closed. You can see their schedule on the Met Opera homepage, where recordings will be available for 20 hours after they stream.

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