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I think by now we’ve all gone to the grocery store and witnessed the mayhem due to the scare of the Coronavirus. Shelves are empty, produce is thin, and forget about getting bread or toilet paper! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s worse than if there was the threat of snow! That said there are lots of people doing what they can to help others in this wild time.

Lake Wylie Brewing Company has come up with a way to feed those in need in the community.  Any person or business can call the brewery and buy a $5 “Rocco” pie. That will put a pizza in the “bank” for a family in need. The owner said a family or neighbor can then call and order a “Rocco” pizza and they will give them that pizza for free, no questions asked.

The brewery has partnered up with two local churches that will deliver the pizzas to those that cannot venture out. The brewery has already had their first donation, and there are 10 pizzas in the “bank” ready to go.

If you’d like to help out, all the info is below or you can check out Lake Wylie Brewing Company’s Facebook page here.  Despite all the craziness going on right now it’s amazing to see how people are coming together to help others. Excellent idea!!

#Lil’ Rocco Challenge

We here at Lake Wylie Brewing are blessed to live in this community. Our customers have supported us for the past three years and we want to help in anyway we can. We also know a lot of customers and citizens want to help their neighbors but don’t know how.
We would like to help feed families in need. We are offering a way for the community to feed their neighbors. Any person or business can call us and buy a $5 “Rocco” pie. That will put a pizza in the “bank” for a family in need. A family or neighbor can then call and order a “Rocco” pizza and we will give them that pizza for free no questions asked. We are partnering with two local churches who can offer delivery of these pizzas to those who can not get out. There are plenty of families who may not be able to venture out. Those with small children, elderly, or with disabilities can get pizza delivered at no cost. We already have our first donation of 10 pizzas ready to go that were donated by Aaron and Maggie Cox. A few members of Grace Community Church led by Greg Parish have offered to help deliver to those who can’t come to us. Also, Lakeshore Christian Fellowship has offered to help with deliveries.
Customers or businesses that want to donate can call us (803-802-0001) or stop by with donations. We can take orders over the phone. We will also offer curbside pick up and with enough volunteers we can get these in the hands of our neighbors in need.
We would also like to make this a viral challenge. And I would like to nominate some restaurants to come up with a $5 item that customers can pre -pay and bank for those in need.
So we challenge Jason from Hobo’s in Fort Mill, Greg and Shannon from Killington’s in Baxter village, Big Rocco and Michael from Capri Pizza in Lake George, Ny and Ziad from Hobie’s Sports Den in Plattsburgh, Ny to do the same. And have them challenge two other restaurants each. It is time for us to come together and help our communities.
I named this challenge after my Nephew Rocco Mastrantoni IV of Lake George, Ny who passed away last week at the age of 36 from a rare cancer. He and his friends formed the “Monkey Crew” and they loved outdoor sports and donating to those in need. His passion was feeding the homeless and I dedicate this challenge in his memory.
This challenge can spread to any type of business that can do something similar. Families will need baby food, baby items, pet food, hygiene and many other options. So we challenge the world to step up and get those items to those who need it..
Thank you and bless you all. We will unite and get through this together.
We can be reached at (803)802-0001
Killingtons – Fort Mill
Capri Pizzeria & Restaurant
Hobie’s Sports Den