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Many people are working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, and sadly, none of us have an idea how long it’s going to go on. I won’t lie to you I was extremely anxious over the weekend. Having an autoimmune disease makes me even more nervous about this whole ruckus. But, I am TRYING to stay positive and I know many others are too. 

If you’re working from home here’s an upside: you don’t have to wear skirts, suits, and dress shoes! You can dress a bit more comfortably. Since no one really sees me, I dress comfy always. For instance, since it’s rainy today, I have on yoga pants, a sweatshirt, sneakers, and a hat. My go-to rainy day attire.

Since you can dress a bit more comfy, there are now tons of articles about comfy women’s lounge wear and sweatpants. Some of these pieces are really pricey. At least to me they are! I can’t see paying $88 for some sweatpants, but I’m in radio and broke. LOL!

Amazon has some cute sweatpants for only $20. They’re SweatyRocks sweatpants and they are too cute. AND they have pockets, which is a must for me! They come in different styles and colors and you can see them here.

If you totally don’t mind paying for pricey lounge wear, check out Glamour Magazines top picks. Not all of their picks are expensive, some are really cute and reasonable. At the end of the day, as long as you are comfy and feel good, that’s all that matters!