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Melany Myers

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I don’t know about you, but every day I am now looking for things that make me smile. All of us are stressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This story made me smile so I thought I’d share! 

Victoria Bay, a middle school teacher in Kansas, was unable to say goodbye to all her students before school shut down for the year. She wanted them all to know that she was thinking of them and that she they were still on her mind daily even though she wouldn’t be seeing them. Bay wrote a letter to each of her 100 students, telling them she was thankful for being their teacher and that she will miss them, along with a personal handwritten memory for each kid.

Bay knows her students are going through a difficult time and wanted to let them all know she is available if they need her. As much as kids complain about school, they DO get used to the routine and this is hard time for them.

Even though I only taught school briefly, I learned that most teachers find a way to teach to each individual student. It took a month or two, but I got to know all of my students and I figured out how to interact with them. As a teacher, you figure out how to communicate with each student.

I am sure that Bay’s letter to each of her students was comforting to them. More details on this story can be found here and you can check out one of the letters she wrote to a student.

And if you’re a teacher, please know that so many of us truly appreciate your hard work!