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Melany Myers

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We could all use something to smile about right now and if you’re like me, ice cream makes me smile! Walmart has already released their Spring ice cream flavors and they look tasty! 

There are six new Great Value brand ice creams to check out. If we’re all gonna be quarantined, we might as well have some yummy treats! Whether you like something super sweet or something extra fruity,Walmart has a flavor for every taste. Circus Cookie and Peach Crisp are on the more traditional side, and both start off with a sweet cream ice cream for the base.

The Circus Cookie adds animal cracker pieces along with pink icing and the Peach Crisp has peaches and baked crisp crumble pieces. Also on the sweet side is the strawberry shortcake-inspired ice cream that uses sweet cream as the base and has strawberry swirls and baked shortcake pieces. The White Chocolate Raspberry is white chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls. ALL of these sound amazing!

The new Margarita flavor is a fat-free sherbet made with lemon-lime flavors. Add a little salt and some tequila and you’ll have yourself a grown-up milkshake!  The most interesting flavor is the Mango Habanero Coconut sorbet that swirls mango habanero sorbet with coconut ice cream. The label rates the spice level at a medium. I think this one is either going to be great or not great….no in-between.

Check out more details on the new flavors here. With most of us at home way more right now, this is a great time to do some taste testing!