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Melany Myers

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Almost all of America is quarantined at home right now, with graduations, birthday parties, and vacations canceled or postponed. Schools are also out until at least May, so many parents are feeling even more stressed right now. 

Even though we can physically escape, we can still take a mental vacation! Several hotels across the country and around the world are live streaming their views, which can make you feel like you’re going on a digital vacation. Not only can you see the beauty, but you can even hear the sounds, which may just brighten your day.

Seeing and hearing the ocean is an immediate stress reliever for me! The beach is the only place I’ve been able to truly relax. This isn’t as good as having my feet in the sand, but it helps!

There are some views from hotels in California, Israel, and St. Barth’s that you can see. Grab a cold beer or a Pina Colada and take a few minutes every day to enjoy some peace.  Check out the links to escape and take a mini-vacation!

Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa: St. BarthsThe Inbal: Jerusalem, IsraelBahia Resort Hotel: San Diego, California, Hotel Del Coronado: Coronado, CaliforniaMalibu Beach Inn: Malibu, California