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Coronavirus Information Report

Werner Moser/Pixabay

Is there anything more disgusting than someone taking advantage of others in a time of crisis? Sadly, it happens after every hurricane, tornado, earthquake and, now, during the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a fake email making the rounds that you need to delete immediately.

If you see a message from the head of the World Health Organization in your inbox, don’t open it. According to The Register, scammers posing as health officials are trying to steal your data and money.

The email appears to be from WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. It is, in fact, loaded with malware programmed to mine passwords and bitcoin info.

If you do want real news from the World Health Organization, they’ve launched a Health Alert service on WhatsApp. Information on the COVID-19 outbreak is updated there around the clock.

Kev Costello/Unsplash