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Elle Hughes/Unsplash

How have you been passing your days at home? So much time, so many things you can do. A lot of people are going to come out of this pandemic with all sorts of new skills. I, for one, have been spending more time in the kitchen.

With social distancing restrictions placed on restaurants and bars, this is the perfect time to hone your culinary chops. There are plenty of online classes to check out but one of my favorites is Nonna Live.

Nonna is Nonna Nerina, an honest-to-goodness Italian grandmother who teaches an Airbnb cooking class with her granddaughter, Chiara, near Rome. Who better to teach you how to make old-world pasta dishes? Of course, the pandemic has shifted Nonna’s classes into virtual mode.


For $50 per two-hour class, Nonna Nerina will teach you how to recreate one of her rustic meals. And so that you can follow along with the Italian-speaking grandma, you’ll get the ingredients list and notes in English for the upcoming meal in advance. Click here to see┬áthe class schedule for Nonna Live.