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I hope this note finds you well? Man, does that opening line that we used to take for granted have new meaning now. The hope that you’re well is certainly still there, but in these uncertain times that line has new meaning. We make the assumption that you’re well when we write that? Now, we’re not really sure if you are.

I posed the question in the title because I do wonder what the new “normal” will truly be when this is all over. Companies have sent their employees to work from home. Meetings are still happening virtually, work is being done in some industries probably more efficiently than before. Some industries are suffering. Some will fail. COVID-19 has turned our way of life upside down.

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A country where FREEDOM is all we’ve ever heard doesn’t seem really FREE right now, does it? Our movements are limited and even though we know it’s for our own safety, it still feels weird. I’ve always enjoyed being at home, so working from the home radio studio saves me a commute, 60 miles roundtrip everyday, and I can still do my work, except I miss my co-workers. I miss the laughing and the stuff that happened in the hallways every day. I miss the energy I drew from my co-workers. My question is…..for some businesses, will that ever return? How many businesses will do away with the former workplace in lieu of saving huge money on renting a smaller office space for execs, while allowing the main workforce to become satellites and continue to work from home.

I do see that this is bringing families together and forcing us to find ways to talk again face to face…6 feet apart of course. I’m actually getting chores done at home that I’ve been putting off for years. It’s funny how you used to look forward to a particular night or special occasion. Now, as a society we have to re-evaluate our priorities. Think about your favorite bar or restaurant and how all this has affected your server or bartender. Maybe you could drop the money you would be tipping them into an envelope and get it to them. These workers who depend on “live” customers for their livelihood are hardest hit.

One thing’s for certain. I won’t take normal for granted ever again. According to the newest projections as of this writing, between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans will die before we can get our “normal” back. In contrast, Vietnam took 70,000 American lives and lasted many years! PLEASE follow the rules so this can be over soon.

…I hope this note finds you well.

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