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Coronavirus Information Report

All of us have some fear and anxiety when leaving our homes now. Whether you’re going to the grocery store to pick up necessities or stopping by a  convenience store to get gas, there’s always an underlying fear that you might be exposed to the Coronavirus. If you order groceries online from a local grocery store, it could take a few days for your order to be ready.

There are some great ways to get what you need without leaving the house. You can buy groceries online, and have them delivered right to your home. There are also meal delivery services that will deliver meal kits right to your house. Right now is a great time to check some of these out. You’ll probably enjoy some meals you don’t usually serve so your family can try out some new foods. And this is a great way for you to have some family time. Lots of theses meal kits provide the ingredients, and then you cook up the meal.

Buzzfeed has comprised a list of 13 grocery delivery services to check out. I’ve used Instacart to get groceries from Publix and it was awesome! I’ve also used Whole Foods delivery via Amazon. Whole Foods can be a little bit more expensive, but they had some great stuff and the delivery was perfect.

There are a few services that I’ve heard of and that I’ve wanted to try.  Sun Basket looks great and so does Purple Carrot. Take a look at Buzzfeed’s list and check out the descriptions of each service here.