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Working from home can be stressful in many ways. Pets are great companions, but when you’re working at home, they can be a bit annoying. Sadly they don’t understand that you aren’t there to JUST play with them. Lots of folks are coming up with creative ways to incorporate their pets into their work life.

Andrew Stych and his wife, Sheila, are the proud parents of four cats and a pit bull. Recently, Andrew and Sheila had been experiencing some mischief courtesy of their cat, Penelope, so Andrew decided to send a written complaint to his furry friend on behalf of HR to cheer Sheila up.

“Penelope, this letter serves to formally document your failure to comply with household regulations, and your lack of adherence to workspace polices,” says the hilarious letter. “You have been a great contributor to workplace morale and have been meeting your quota with regards to cuteness and chasing hair ties.”

The letter goes on to complain about Penelope’s work habits. Check it out. Love it!

If you're a pet owner and currently working from home, we're sure this HR letter is relatable. ???? ???? ????: Andrew and Sheila Stych.

Here’s a pic of Kramer beside me as I wrote this blog…..clingy much?! I’m not sure he’s close enough to me! LOL!