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What are your family’s favorite Easter traditions? According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hi-Chew candy, making Easter dinner tops the list for most Americans. That’s one tradition you’ll still be able to do this year, as long as you can find enough ingredients.

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The coronavirus has put other Easter traditions into question. For example, Easter egg hunts won’t be the same. Sure, you can hide a few eggs in your backyard. Otherwise, it will either involve counting how many pictures of eggs your neighbors put in their windows or some sort of online version.


Church services will have to be online. So will visiting extended family, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As for dyeing eggs, you might not want to because of how scarce and expensive eggs have become.

Top 10 Family Easter Traditions For 2020 (Real or Virtual)

  • Making Easter dinner: 53% (REAL)
  • Easter egg hunt: 52% (VIRTUAL)
  • Eating candy: 50% (REAL)
  • Taking family photos: 46% (REAL)
  • Dyeing eggs: 42% (REAL)
  • Making gift baskets: 42% (REAL)
  • Visiting extended family: 41% (VIRTUAL)
  • Attending church services: 40% (VIRTUAL)
  • Making Easter arts and crafts: 35% (REAL)
  • Taking photos with the Easter bunny: 35% (PHOTOSHOP)

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