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We’ve chatted about how bored folks are getting working and staying at home but I gotta say that there are many that are turning their boredom into cool creative ideas! The Heller family from Maple Valley, Washington went old school with their creative idea!

The Heller family, Steven and Jana, and their four children re-created Journey’s 1983 video for the tune “Separate Ways” and they ROCK it! They are dead on with all the moves and the lip-syncing.

The family shot the video entirely on iPhones and put together some classic 80’s costumes. They really went all out to mimic the original video. They even rocked out every move from every band member. On Facebook Steven Heller said that the family tried to copy the band 100% for each shot.

The video has gone viral and even Journey’s own guitarist Neal Schon has given it a thumbs up! The Hellers truly did an amazing job and I love that the whole family participated. Not sure if they have plans to rock out another old school video, but I know I’m not the only one that would be for it.  Amazing job!!

Journey-Separate Ways (Heller Quarantine Edition) Side by Side

Solitary confinement does strange things to the best of us and this quarantine was really having an effect. My wife texted me and said, "we need to remake a music video." I thought that sounded like a lot of work, but her persistence paid off and here we are. Enjoy!