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Coronavirus Information Report

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Tired of constantly reminding your children about the rules of staying at home and social distancing? Their friends from Sesame Street can help explain why they can’t go certain places and do certain things.

According to Scary Mommy, the Sesame Street characters your little ones know and love are now offering PSAs with tips for keeping safe amid the pandemic. This could be exactly what you need to stop feeling like a broken record.

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There’s one from Oscar the Grouch. He loves being away from everyone else, so he’s a social distancing expert. Oscar tells kids, “I don’t care if you’re alone or safe at home with someone else, as long as you’re not with me.”

Grover offers more friendly suggestions and he’s all for practicing self-care. “Get some healthy exercise – like sit ups,” he says. “And after sit-ups, you’ve earned a nice sit-down.”

To hear the Sesame Street messages, call 626-831-9333.