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If there’s one thing we’re learning from the pandemic, it’s that we’re more resourceful than we thought. So many people have stepped up with solutions to life’s new everyday problems.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, um…broke out, YouTube and social media have been inundated with how-to videos. How to make your own hand sanitizer. How to set up a home office for Zoom meetings. How to turn tube socks into toilet paper. But the videos I see the most are the ones that teach you how to make your own face mask.

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Amidst the myriad DIY videos offering instructions on how to make masks out of craft fabric, bandanas, and old t-shirts, I stumbled upon some comedy gold from Stephnie Weir (above). Yes, that is who she spells her name and you might recognize her from MADtv and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Stephnie and her husband, Bob Dassie, have also produced some hilarious video shorts under the name WeirDass. Get it? In the one below, she plays the part of Kay Pruitt, a helpful housewife who’s out to show us that anyone can sew their own face mask. Well, almost anyone.

DIY Face Mask Tutorial With Kay

Kay Pruitt's love of posting DYI videos exceeds her actual skill in this comedic tutorial gone wrong.