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Soroush Karimi/Unsplash

We’re working from home. Our kids are attending school from home. Almost everything is happening at home, but of all the ways that everyday life has changed since we went into lock down mode, my favorite is the return to home-cooked meals.

My wife and I used to order takeout or grab dinner on the go far too often before we were forced to pump our brakes. Now we’re cooking at home a lot more. Even our sons are learning their ways around the kitchen, which has been especially good for our college-bound 18-year-old. But it has mostly been me and Sara making the meals, which is something we did a lot together back when we were dating.

The Little Potato Company¬†commissioned OnePoll to conduct a survey about the role of food preparation in romantic relationships.¬†According to the results, the best way to win a person’s heart is to cook for them. It beats flowers, phone calls, and even giving gifts. The survey also includes a list of the meals most likely to have that special someone come back for seconds.

Top 10 Most Romantic Home-Cooked Meals

  • Steak and potatoes: 40%
  • Pasta and garlic bread: 34%
  • Chicken and vegetables: 28%
  • Pizza and salad: 24%
  • Burger and fries: 23%
  • Lobster and mac and cheese: 20%
  • Soup: 18%
  • Tacos: 15%
  • Sushi: 12%
  • Risotto: 12%