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I will openly admit that it’s the little things that just drive me nuts! Bad driving and bad parking are two things that annoy me. I’m not the only one that takes issue with this. Some police officers in Texas decided to let folks know about their bad parking and give them a little tip.

A police department in Southlake, Texas came up with a simple yet genius solution to the problem of  bad parking and they are trolling people who park terribly with witty fliers. They leave coloring sheets on the windshield’s of bad parkers that say: “We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space… maybe if you practice coloring our patch and staying in the lines here, it could help you avoid citations in the future.”  HA!

They posted a picture of the coloring sheet on Twitter and also asked people to drive and park nicely. I think this is a fabulous idea. Maybe a bit on the snarky side, but I’m a fan of snarky. Classic move by the boys in blue! I like it!

We could definitely benefit from these fliers here in Charlotte. Hmmmmm…’s an idea for you CMPD. 🙂