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 We all work with some folks that are glued to ABC every time the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” is on TV. Not really my cup of tea but to each his own and there are shows that I love that people scratch their heads over too! All’s fair in LOVE & TV.

ABC has done their research and knows that people are “jones-ing” since the Spring season of  “The Bachelorette” was postponed due to the pandemic.  Starting June 8th, Chris Harrison will host “The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable Ever!”

It’ll air three hours every Monday night for 10 weeks, featuring the best of the previous 18 seasons . . . including updates on some of the contestants. Ladies, prepare to go OUT OF YOUR MINDS! Hey guys love it too!

ABC says, quote, “We can’t wait for Bachelor Nation to fall in love all over again as we take this wild journey down memory lane.”

To get you ready, here’s some great moments surely ABC will be choosing from. It all starts June 8th.

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