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I don’t know about you, but since we’ve been staying home, I’ve gained some weight. Snacking has been a major issue for me. I’ve always been a snacker, but I’m definitely doing more of it now. My jeans are trying to tell me to stop since when I try and put them on, they are REALLY tight. I feel like I’m back in the 80’s when I had to lie down on my bed to zip my jeans!

There’s a three year-old in the U.K. that is also a big fan of snacks.  The boy grabbed his mom’s phone while she was napping, and proceeded to order $562 worth of snacks online. Snacks not toys! He filled the online shopping cart with frozen treats, fruit, 11 packs of pine nuts, cookies, bacon, and more. The tech-savvy tot even managed to book a delivery slot. Love this kid! He’s my new spirit child!

The dad of the child, Garreth Davies, was able to stop the snacks from officially being ordered. He stopped the boy before he could push the checkout button. When Davies asked his son why he ordered so much food, the boy said that he wanted to have more food than anyone else. LOL! Davies explained to his son that they didn’t have the money for all the snacks, so the child said he could pitch in on the total. The boy then pulled 17 cents from his pocket. HA! At least he wanted to contribute.

I’m sure that this young boy isn’t the only kid to use a parent’s phone while in lockdown, but I just love that this kid was all about the snackage. A kid after my own heart! The dad shared the shopping spree details on his Twitter page and you can see the snack haul below. I’m thinking these parents will now lock their phones.