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Melany Myers

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A company is seriously getting in on this whole “clean” thing in the midst of the pandemic. Bag O Dirt’ Play Dirt is the ‘cleanest dirt on planet Earth’, so it says.

Now you no longer need to worry about your child getting dirty in dirty dirt when “clean dirt” can be purchased for $17. They can play in the garden and not worry about getting dirty. I thought THAT was part of why kids love playing in dirt…to get dirty!

This dirt has no bugs, no irritants, and is made from natural materials.It feels a bit like sand according to the reviews.  If a child suffers from severe allergies, this would work.

Parents have been buying this clean dirt for a while now and many of the reviews have been positive. Other parents, however, can’t seem to grasp the idea of buying dirt when there is so much of it for free right outside their front door. I GET that!

If a child has some heath issues, this makes sense, but other than that, kids should play in real dirt! Dirty dirt can build up a child’s immune system, making them healthier as they grow.

That said, the “clean dirt” is selling hard core right now. It’s available at Walmart, Target, and on Amazon.