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Did you know that North Carolina has more churches per capita than any other state in the nation? We all know that without a congregation to give, congregations around the state and country have suffered during this pandemic. Many churches have been streaming their services on-line even before the quarantine, but many others weren’t as well prepared. Those churches have now adapted and stream or offer huge ZOOM meetings as a way to keep connected and solve the problem of getting together without the crowded sanctuaries.

I was recently asked to help my church locate a small low watt FM transmitter, so that some of the members who aren’t as computer savvy, can park in the church lot, turn on their radios and still hear the morning message. Guess what? Good luck locating one of those low wattage Fm transmitters. Churches across the country have made that particular item difficult to find. ALERT! The FCC allows FM transmitters of .05 watts as legal for things like this. Things like churches, Realtor Open Houses, Businesses who want to share info as you drive past their storefronts.

If you search on-line for these FM transmitters, BEWARE! FM transmitters of a higher wattage (greater than .05 watts) are illegal in the U.S. as they will interfere with licensed broadcasters. .05 watts will cover about 900 feet in all directions and is sufficient for its intended use. Necessity is the mother of invention as everyone adapts during these trying times. Keep your congregation informed safely.

Hooking up a FM transmitter for Drive In Church

Hooking up a FM transmitter for Drive In Church. Signstek 0.5 Watt with Lapel