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You know what they say, every pandemic has a silver lining. Okay, maybe nobody says that but there have been some positives to come out of the stay-at-home orders. The streets became quieter, the air seems cleaner, and New York City’s pedestrians are living longer.

I love New York, especially Manhattan, but you really do risk life and limb every time you cross a street there. The risk has been greatly reduced, though, since New Yorkers were ordered to shelter in place. According to ABC 7, the Department of Transportation reported that, as of Wednesday (5/13), 58 days had passed since a pedestrian was fatally struck in New York City. That’s the longest stretch since the city began tracking pedestrian fatalities in 1983.

While the new pedestrian safety record is certainly worth celebrating, New York City is dealing with another problem. As the streets are less crowded with motor vehicles, the drivers who are venturing out are speeding. A lot. Over 25,000 speeding tickets were issued from speeding cameras on March 27th alone. So it still pays to look both ways and cross on the green, not in between.

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