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Most dogs hang out at home, playing with their toys and begging for food, but not Ivy Kite. Ivy Kite is an Australian Shepherd that lives here in Charlotte and she has some serious skills! Ivy Kite’s family lives in Myers Park and this 7-year-old dog is a painter. Yup. The dog is a painter. Her work has sold for up to $500 and people all over the world have purchased her paintings.

Ivy Kite can also open and close doors; take off her mom’s jacket; and distinguish a craft beer from a Heineken, and then bring the desired beer and a bottle opener to the person requesting a refill. What?!  She’s also appeared in commercials for Duke Energy and Lowe’s. Wow! And I can’t even get my dog Kramer to stop chewing furniture!

When Ivy Kite paints, she is very picky about her materials. She only works with high-quality acrylic paint and canvases, she chooses the colors she wants to work with herself. Blue is her favorite. If someone has commissioned one of her works and has specific requests, she’s happy to oblige.

Lisa Kite is Ivy’s owner and to get the dog in the creative mood, she’ll set out the canvas and the paints, plus a drop cloth. She then hands Ivy the brush. After several strokes, Lisa clicks and Ivy knows to hand the brush back. She then receives chicken as a reward.

Ivy Kite has sold between 600-700 original works. The money that’s made from the paintings is donated to charity. So far, Ivy Kite’s works have brought in approximately 2,000 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank. How awesome is that?!

Find out more about Ivy Kite and her painting process here. Charlotte Agenda did a great piece on the pup. And if you have some extra cash, you may wanna grab one of these works of art for your home. They’re great!