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Chris Montgomery/Unsplash

Even if you’ve gone back to your office, you may still have to attend a dozen or so video conference calls each week. That’s just life in the age of coronavirus. But even though Zoom meetings are becoming the norm, walking away from your camera to get a beer from your fridge is still frowned upon. That is, unless you have the Coors Light Clone Machine.

In a nutshell, Coors Light has devised a way for video conference participants to leave their cameras without being missed. The Clone Machine allows you to create a 30-second video loop of yourself that can be activated during a video chat to give you just enough time for quick beer run to your kitchen.

What does the video loop look like, you ask? Basically, it’s whatever you record yourself doing, such as nodding in agreement, smiling politely, or tapping your chin like you’re really giving serious thought to whatever is being discussed.

The folks at Coors Light say the video loop can be saved from the website and set as your background in a variety of video conferencing apps. Check it out HERE. Cheers!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images