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Melany Myers

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A few weeks ago, a radio friend of mine posted a video of a dad and his kids performing ELO’s song “Don’t Bring Me Down”. It was really good so I looked up “Colt Clark and the Quarantined Kids” and I’m so glad I did! These guys will give you a smile!

The Clark family lives in Tampa, Florida and the entire Clark family is naturally creative. Mom Aubree Clark is a photographer who also homeschools all three kids, and both of their sons already play instruments.  When the coronavirus hit, Colt and Aubree suddenly found themselves with a lot more time on their hands — and creative energy to burn! That’s how the family band started.

Every morning the band learns a brand new song and they perform it for their growing web audience. So many people have checked out their videos that the family has now gone viral! They’re even getting some love from bands which is so cool!

The band has done a few WHO tunes and the WHO actually shared the band’s video of them covering “Baba O’ Riley”. That’s awesome! The Clarks even have their own YouTube channel now. So far they have over 41,000 subscribers.

Clark never expected his family jam sessions to be so big but people are loving this cute family! It’s something uplifting and we could all use that right now. It’s also great to see a fun family having a great time. The parent’s say the kids are all having the time of their lives spending time together and learning new skills as a family. Love it!

Watching this family will immediately put a smile on your face! You can follow them on Facebook here and below is just one of the many songs the family has rocked out.