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I think some folks are starting to lose it! Case in point, these two brilliant dudes in Virginia. There’s not much to the story, but the pictures will make your day!

The town of Louisa, Virginia, had quite the unique case on its hands on the night of May 6. It began in a Sheetz  convenience store. Surveillance camera captured a video of two people arriving in a black Toyota truck wearing hollowed out watermelons with eye holes.

The two “melon-heads” stole items from the store. Police were called to investigate and according to a Facebook update made on May 16, the police have arrested the thieves.

On the positive side, at least they had some type of “mask” on. Sadly, “rind” doesn’t pay! Sorry…..had to do it! LOL!  More pictures and info on the story can be found here.

Nick Beres NC5

WELL, I'LL SAY THIS: IT IS DIFFERENT. These are bumper tables. ... It is a way for customers to dine-in at tables and stay socially distant. It's an idea chartered by Revolution Event Design and Production, a special events company based in Baltimore, reports WJZ-CBS 13.