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Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

This woman is my hero of the week! When your significant other cheats on you, it’s hurtful! I have been though it and it’s no fun. When my now ex-husband cheated on me, I got back at him but not in a way that’s as crafty as this!

A woman known only as Miss Zhao in China has garnered lots of attention lately. She recently caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Obviously she was devastated. What made her heartache worse is that she discovered her boyfriend was cheating around May 20, which is the equivalent of Valentine’s Day here in America.

Unable to cope with the pain,  Miss Zhao ended the relationship and cried her heart out for three days after that. Meanwhile, her ex was out having the time of his life, which only made her more angry. Understandable!

After hearing that her ex-boyfriend hadn’t even shed a tear over her, Miss Zhao hatched a very crafty plan to get back at him. She ordered 1,000 kilograms of onions online and had them be delivered at her ex’s front door, with the message “You made me cry for three days, now it’s your turn.” She was able to order the onions online and have them delivered to his stoop.

YES! I love this!!!! If you’re wondering how much 1000 kilograms is (cause I did) it’s approximately 2200 pounds of onions. Ha! I’ll say this, if the ex-boyfriend didn’t cry just being around all the onions, I bet he shed a tear or two moving all the onions from his doorstep.

I love this pic! This dude has no clue what to do! Awesome revenge story! You can read more and see other pictures here.

Firoz Khan

CHINA : Woman Sent 1 Ton Of Onion To Ex-boyfriend Because He Didn't Cry After They Broke Up ???????????? What would you do if you got dumped just before Valentine's Day? May 20 is Network Valentine's Day...