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Danielle MacInnes/Unsplash

According to a CNBC survey, workers who still have their jobs are happier but working harder. Nothing about that is surprising. However, many people are discovering that the novelty of working from home is wearing off. It was one thing when we thought it was only temporary, but some folks could be doing it permanently. Twitter is actually offering that option to their employees.

If you’ve discovered that your home office is every bit as stressful as your regular office, you may need to rethink the way you’re managing your time.  Forbes has some tips to help make your “new normal” something you can actually embrace:

  • Get what you need. Zoom calls from bed might have been fine for a little while, but you’re an adult. You should have a real home office. Check out 8 Things That Can Improve Your Home Office.
  • Know when to call it a day. Work-life balance is out of whack for people doing their jobs from home. The lines are completely blurred and it’s too easy to put in a lot of unnecessary overtime. Experts suggest setting boundaries with the help of an alarm clock. I would get one of those cool factory whistles.
  • Yes, you can still take vacation days. Working from home is not a staycation. When you need to refresh and reset, you should still take time off, even if you’re not traveling any farther than the ABC store and your backyard.