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Melany Myers

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I am a HUGE fan of a good salad bar! Love them! Sadly, it looks like salad bars may be a thing of the past. With the pandemic, they just aren’t safe for people. Total bummer but there’s a store in Missouri that’s made the best out of the situation.

At Dierbergs Markets’ in Manchester, Missouri the store employees decided to do something fun! The store had to shut down their signature salad bar to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus so some of the employees built an alcohol display in place of the salad bar. They essentially created a “booze bar” and it’s awesome!

Alcohol sales have skyrocketed in the last two months, so this is a great way to make use of some space. Besides, seeing an empty salad/hot bar is depressing. Now there are all kinds of colorful bottles in the space, making it look quite festive.

A shopper named Emily took a picture of the display and put it on her Twitter page. Her pics went viral quickly! Now, different grocery stores around the country are using their empty salad bar areas for other things. Now people are seeing tiki bars and cereal bars in place of the salad bar. Gotta love the re-purposing of the space!  Grab more info here and see some more pics.