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There are many of us, myself included, that seriously need a haircut and/or color. My hair looks almost tie-dyed right now. (See pic below) It’s kinda wild cause I haven’t seen my “real” hair color in over 20 years! I have WAY more gray hairs than I thought. All of that said, I don’t think I’d drive 600 miles for a haircut like this dude did.

J Farr is a 28 year old man that lives in Washington. He saw picture on social media of a friend of his in California that recently got a hair cut. Since most barber shops and hair salons are closed due to cornonavirus restrictions, he decided to make a serious road trip for a haircut.

After Farr learned that Butte House Barber Shop in Sutter County was open for business, he jumped in his car and began his journey. Farr is currently unemployed so he had the time to make the drive. His drive was approximately 12 hours. THAT is a heck of a drive for a haircut.

Here’s what really gets me: this guy made a major road trip to get a quarter-inch cut off his hair. He made a serious road trip for a $20 hair cut that’s not that much of a change! WTH?!

Obviously folks on social media are going nuts over this guy’s massive trip for a haircut that’s barely noticeable. If it was a drastic change, he might get a pass. But a quarter-inch off the top?! DIVA! I guess appearance is THAT important for some folks. My hair looks rough but not “drive 600 miles rough”. You can see more pics and get more info here.