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If you’re a fan of “Friends” you are gonna love this! There’s an official cookbook inspired by the show that’s hitting bookstores on September 22.

“Friends: The Official Cookbook” by Amanda Yee will feature iconic dishes that became key plot points on the show. The recipes in the 144-page book will include Monica’s Friendsgiving feast, Chandler’s Milk You Can Chew, Just-for-Joey Fries and more. And yes…the recipe for Rachel’s infamous trifle dish will be in the book.

All “Friends” fan will love this, no matter what your skills are in the kitchen. The cookbook will feature over 70 recipes with different options for chefs. I realize it’s early, but if you have someone close to you that’s a mega fan of the show, this would make a great Christmas gift.

Even though the book won’t be out until September, you can pre-order it now.  The book sells for $29.99 and you can find out more about it here.