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We’re heading into a long Memorial Day weekend and lots of us are gonna be eating! This weekend is usually a big BBQ weekend, with folks rockin’ out burgers and hot dogs on the grill. These hashbrowns would make the perfect side! Or they’d be awesome for a big breakfast this weekend.

The food website FoodBeast holds weekly recipe challenges and the recipes from their “Memorial Day” food challenge are now available. There’s some interesting recipes: Red, White, and Blue Pesto Gnocchi,  a Blue Potato Bun Burger with red and white waffle fries, and my favorite which is Cheese-Stuffed Red, White, and Blue Hashbrowns.

Chef Marc Kharrat came up with this hashbrown recipe.  This looks tasty and it doesn’t look too difficult to make! The part that’ll take the longest is shredding the potatoes.

This dish would make for an amazing breakfast and it would also make for a tasty side if you’re having burgers or dogs off the grill.

Check out the video for all the red, white, and blue food mentioned above. You can also check out more info here. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

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