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Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

What were you doing when you were 13? Probably just trying to survive middle school, right? Well, middle school was mere child’s play for one 13-year-old in California.

KABC-TV reports that Jack Rico of La Mirada, CA spent what would have been his last year of middle school earning four associate’s degrees from nearby Fullerton College. In doing so, the boy has become the youngest person to graduate from the school.

How long did it take Jack to earn four degrees, you ask? He began attending community college when he was 11. Even a dullard like me can figure out that was only two years.

The accelerated academic isn’t done yet. Next stop for Jack Rico is the University of Nevada, where he plans on pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in history. Oh, and he’s going on a full scholarship. After that, who knows? Jack┬ásays he’s in no hurry to make future plans. No one can blame this very impressive young man for wanting to take his time at this point.