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I’m a huge fan of the show “The Office” so I’m stoked to see Steve Carrell’s new Netflix show “Space Force.”  It’s a new comedy that centers around General Mark Naird, who is played by Carrell. He’s the newly appointed Chief of Space Operations in the newly created sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces, Space Force, and he has no clue what he’s doing. The first episode airs tomorrow night, May 29, on Netflix.

To celebrate the show, and to celebrate summer, Ben & Jerry’s is launching an new ice cream that’s out of this world. It’s “Boots on the Moooo’n” – a limited batch flavor to go along with the release of “Space Force.”

It features a “universe of milk chocolate ice cream with fudge cows & toffee meteor clusters orbiting a sugar cookie dough core,” according to the ice cream makers. To celebrate the launch of the new flavor, Ben & Jerry’s actually launched a pint of Boots on the Moooo’n into space.

Pint in Space! Boots On The Moooo'n | Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's top secret-est mission has been achieved! With the help of Netflix's Space Force, we've reached new heights of ice cream euphoria - literally. ...

The new flavor is available at Ben & Jerry scoop shops and you can find pints at grocery stores. I’m now on the lookout! If you see it somewhere, let me know. It looks tasty! And it’s Ben & Jerry’s so I gotta try it. I really should be an “honorary taster.”

Just watching the trailer for “Space Force” makes me think I’m gonna like it. Carrell is such a good actor! If you haven’t seen it, I’ve attached it below for ya! There are SO many people in this show! Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, the late Fred Willard, Jane Lynch, and more. My Friday night plans are set! Gotta check this out!

Space Force | Official Teaser | Netflix

Steve Carell, welcome to Space Force. From the crew that brought you The Office, Space Force is coming soon to Netflix. SUBSCRIBE: Abou...