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Melany Myers

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Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

Lemme just say this: if anyone has a contact at Burger King Corporate here in the United States, can you please reach out to them and make this happen here! THIS is awesome!

Restaurants are coming up with creative ways to encourage folks to practice social distancing, but Burger King in Germany has come up with the best way. They’ve launched giant social distancing crowns to make sure customers keep 6 feet apart. And these crowns are seriously giant! When I saw the picture this morning, I lost it! I immediately started laughing. I would totally rock one of these!

As kids, most of us loved the crown you’d get at Burger King. These are just like the old school crowns, but way bigger. The oversized headgear is meant to extend far enough off the wearer’s head to ensure they are 6 feet from other customers. If you’re gonna practice social distancing, you might as well be fashionable. Love these!  Check out more info here.