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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

One of my failings as a father is that I have yet to take my sons to the Grand Canyon. I’ve been there and would love to go back with the boys. Lord knows I’ve tried to make that happen, but something always gets in the way. Now that travel has become considerably more challenging, and my oldest is getting ready to start college in August, I’m really motivated to get my family out to Arizona. Oh, and the Grand Canyon National Park is reopening this week.

I didn’t think it was possible to close something as big as the Grand Canyon, but I suppose locking the gates at the entrance is all it takes. It was open on Memorial Day but then closed again. The plan is to fully reopen the park to the public on Friday, June 5th. Camping will be available by reservation only. The Los Angeles Times has more specific information. Let’s see if I can get my family out to see America’s greatest natural wonder before another summer flies by.