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Coronavirus Information Report

We are now in Phase 2 of reopening North Carolina; under this, pools are now allowed to open and operate under 50% capacity. Even my apartment complex just sent out an email in regards to our pool and how they plan to re-open it amid coronavirus concerns. Nothing sounds better on these hot Carolina summer days then jumping in the pool, but is it safe?

The answer is kind of muddy…

Experts have found that coronavirus can survive for days and even weeks in water. But even though it is surviving, it doesn’t mean it can still infect you. The CDC says there is no evidence that coronavirus can actually spread or infect people who come in contact with it in the water. And for even better news, Chlorine (you know, the chemical they put in pools that makes them so blue) actually kills viruses.

So although you should still take precautions when heading to the pool this summer, don’t worry about the water itself being contaminated.

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