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When I saw the pictures of this cat on Bored Panda I said, “DAMN!” Many people adored  Tardar Sauce, nicknamed Grumpy Cat,  who was an internet superstar! Well there’s a new “grumpy cat” and this cat may be even more grumpy than her late predecessor.

Meet Kitzia the cat who always seems to be in a mood and is competing for the late beloved Grumpy Cat’s throne. Kitzia, whose name means ‘kitty,’ has over 44.9k followers on Instagram and looks BEYOND grumpy!

The cat lives in Florida with her owner Viktoriia Otdielnova, who is originally from Ukraine. Viktoriia is a professional photographer so it’s not a shock that the pictures of Kitzia have gotten lots of attention.


Social media users are having a lot of fun looking at Kitzia’s photos, with many commenting about the cat’s RBF (resting b**ch face)  In reality, Kitzia is a sweet and loving cat who likes to snuggle.

You can follow Kitzia on Instagram to see more pictures. Definitely worth it! I’m not really a cat fan, I like dogs, but I am digging this cat! I understand the moodiness! lol

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