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Melany Myers

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In wake of the senseless murder of George Floyd, people have been protesting all over the world. And I just found out that it’s not just people! Animals are taking part in protests as well.

Thousands of people who gathered in Portland, Oregon, on June 2 to protest and they welcomed an unusual ally: Caesar the No Drama Llama.

Larry McCool is Caesar’s owner and says the llama loves people! Caesar marched around 3 miles with protesters and stopped so people could hug him. He also took selfies with numerous people.

Caesar is one of 15 llamas who reside at McCool’s Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon, about 75 miles south of Portland. McCool said it was important to him to make the 150-mile round-trip drive with Caesar to lend support and hopefully a calming presence for both protesters and police officers.

Caesar, a “llamactivist” loves people and enjoys hugs and attention. McCool says Caesar has the temperament of a dog. He’s very friendly. Caesar has joined many marches and protests for a variety of groups promoting civil rights and equality, and appears at a variety of charity events.

What about llamas spitting at people? I was thinking that but apparently, they only do that when they are angry, mad, hurt or stressed, so Caesar was all good.

Caesar is very popular and he has his own Facebook page, and he’s on Twitter and Instagram. He has a website as well and you can go there to read more about him and see more pictures.

Loving Caesar! And I love that he is a “no drama” llama! With ya Caesar…rock on!