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Unlike some, I have taken the Covid-19 Pandemic seriously. I have asthma, which puts me in a higher risk for a respiratory illness. That seems to be common sense to me. Plus I have an infant grandson, who although lives in Raleigh, I want to be able to visit him so safe practices are a must in my world. Imagine my horror when I watched on TV as hundreds of thousands of people flooded U.S. beaches (most N.C. residents frequent S.C. beaches) and lakes over Memorial Day. This week, we start to see the results of that recklessness. North Carolina is the 2nd highest in the country in increased cases of Covid-19. Next week, we will see what the impact of the nationwide protests on the spread of the virus.

Below are 5 things you need to know about the virus.  In 3 months Covid-19 has killed almost double the amount of people that died in the U.S. from the flu in 2019 (112,000). Yet there are some that still think this is no worse than the flu. Take the number of deaths and multiply by 4 (number of quarters in a year) and then compare the flu to covid in an “apples to apples” model. Yet, this is all a Hoax? Never heard of a “hoax” taking out this many people.

Above numbers are just the U.S. , then factor in the global perspective.

Fauci calls coronavirus his 'worst nightmare' as cases spike l GMA

Dr. Anthony Fauci talks to "GMA" about concerns over the virus spreading at protests and whether states and cities are reopening too fast. READ MORE: https:/...


1.  While many countries are seeing a decline in coronavirus cases, cases in the U.S. are spiking.  A CDC document from Tuesday shows the U.S. just had its biggest spike yet . . . a 36.5% increase in daily cases.

Of the top 10 countries in total cases, that’s the biggest spike by far.  The next closest is Peru, which grew 4.5%.  And in Italy, Spain, and Germany, cases are dropping.

The total number of cases in the U.S. has passed the two million mark . . . and more than 113,000 Americans have died from the pandemic.

2.  Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. government will fund and run studies on three potential coronavirus vaccines over the next three months.  Quote, “The coronavirus vaccine effort is progressing very well.”

3.  The U.S. airlines had their lowest passenger numbers in April since 1974.  Last April, 76.1 million people flew domestically . . . this April, it was 2.8 million.  And international travel is down 99%.

4.  Starbucks has announced it’s closing 400 stores over the next year-and-a-half because people have changed their habits during the pandemic . . . they’re doing a lot more pick-up, drive thru, and mobile orders.

5.  Nine out of 10 Americans say the pandemic gives businesses an opportunity to “reset” things and start doing right by their employees, clients, communities, and the planet.


Story idea and 5 facts courtesy of The Complete Sheet/Wise Brothers Media, originally published June 11th, 2020