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Leonides Ruvalcabar/Unsplash

He’s known as “Enormous Freddy.” What else would you call a dog that stands at 7’4″?  That might be enough to earn him a Guinness World Record for the tallest dog in the world? Freddy is already a Guinness World Record holder as the world’s oldest Great Dane.

Freddy’s human, Claire Stoneman, says he was the runt of the litter but now stands at 3.395 feet tall to his back. Claire always turns heads when she takes the 210-pound pooch on a walk in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Ya think?

Claire Stoneman spends a lot to feed Freddy. The bill comes out to more than $630 a month. That begs the questions, how much comes out the other end and how many people does it take to pick it up?

A big fan of the breed, Stoneman also has another Great Dane named Fleur. She told the New York Post, “Despite their size, they’re very kind-natured and put their paws on you if they know you’re upset. They love cuddling and I sleep with them on two mattresses in the living room at night.”

As you can imagine, Enormous Freddy has quite the following on social media. Over 11,000 people like to see what he’s up to on his Instagram account. Here’s Freddy, on the right, celebrating his recent 8th birthday: