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Melany Myers

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I hate to admit this, but since the whole “stay at home” thing started, I’ve become a bit of a sugar fiend. Like many other people, I’ve gained some serious weight. Most of the sugar I eat comes in the form of ice cream but I’m not against branching out!

Pillsbury has ready-to-eat snack bars, and they come in both birthday cake and brownie flavors. Confetti sprinkles are baked right into the birthday cake bars, and vanilla icing is drizzled on top. With chocolate fudge drizzled across the top, the brownie bars look chocolatey enough to please even the most intense chocolate lover.

These are perfect for the summer! With the temps here in the summer, turning the oven on is a bit of a bummer. These baked goodies will make both kids and adults happy. These ready made sweets will be great to take on a road trip or to the beach. Perfect size for a little sugar rush!  Each package comes with six bars, and each bar has only 100 calories and 4 grams of fat. Not too bad!

If cookie dough is more of your thing, Pillsbury recently released two new flavors that are can be eaten raw or baked. (Totally safe to eat raw) Confetti Sugar Cookie Dough features sugar cookies packed with rainbow sprinkles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Dough is inspired by your favorite candy bar.