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Melany Myers

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I do NOT mess around when it comes to turning my A/C on! In May there were a few days when the temperature reached 90 degrees and my A/C has been on since then. I am not a fan of sweating when trying to sleep. According to this new survey, I am NOT like most Americans.

Summer officially starts this weekend, and it turns out some folks are a little hesitant to turn up the A/C. A new survey finds that people will actually suffer through five sleepless, sweaty nights before finally giving in and turning the A/C on. FIVE nights! Nooooooo!

The survey finds that 67% of Americans actually think they can beat the heat, which usually isn’t true. I have no idea why they would even try! 55% of Americans say they feel “defeated” when they finally have to turn the A/C on. And there is a small percentage of folks that hold out until August to turn the A/C on. WHAT?!

I have never been a fan of being hot while at home and the older I get, the less I like the heat of summer. When it’s 95 degrees outside, I like to walk into a cool house. I cannot imagine waiting until August to turn the A/C on. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable. I realize it costs more in regard to the power bill, but I’ll pay for the A/C in the summer.

In the winter, I’ll wait a while before I turn the heat on. It’s gotta get pretty chilly for me to crank it up. When it’s cold, you can put on more clothes and add extra blankets to the bed. If it’s hot, you can only take so many articles of clothing off!

This survey also says that most people wouldn’t date someone unless they shared the same “thermostat etiquette” as them. Reason #765 why I’ll probably be single forever. LOL!

You can check out more on the survey and on “thermostat etiquette” here. Stay cool this summer!